An account will be required for your online Trade Space application. 

The Central Australian Show Society has put together the following checklist to help our Traders comply with the regulations for trading at the Alice Springs Show.

COVID-19 Responsibilities:
Trade space stall holders will be contacted by CASS in the event that the Northern Territory or Federal Government alter the rules and regulations surrounding events and group gatherings. 

  • Register your COVID Plan with the NT Government.
    Select How to Lodge a COVID-19 Safety Plan
    Select Your Business Type (General business, art galleries, places of religious worship and community organisation)
    Our Address: 25 Commonage Road, Ilparpa NT 0873
  • The current guidelines provided by the Northern Territory Government is that all businesses are required to lodge a COVID-19 Safety Plan. A COVID-19 Safety Checklist must be completed and submitted online. The checklist forms the businesses COVID-19 Safety Plan. A copy must be forwarded to the CASS Admin Office, email: 
  • Promote the practice of COVID safe strategies including: staying home if unwell, hand hygiene and social distancing. 
  • Masks - whilst masks are no longer mandatory but wearing a mask remains recommended.
  • Manage queues to support one way traffic flow.
  • Minimise cash handling with contactless payments.
  • Provide hand sanitiser for employees and patrons.

Other Requirements for Traders:

  • Register for Trade Space on the Alice Springs Show website: Click here. - An account will be required on this website to make an application.
  • Provide a copy of current insurance, Certificate of Currency.
  • Check in at the CASS Office from Monday the 28th of June to collect passes and site allocations.
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions for trading: Click here.
  • Ensue electrical items have a current Test and Tag compliance.
  • Break down and recycle cardboard in the appropriate skip bins.

Further Requirements for Food Traders:

  • Food traders using gas need to ensure current NT Certificate of Compliance plate is attached to the LP Gas system. For gas guidelines: Click here.
  • Food traders need to provide their Food Registration to the CASS Office and visibly display at the trade site.
  • Use waste oil and wastewater disposal locations.