This contract is applicable to all users of the Show Grounds during the Alice Springs Show including trade space vendors, Showmen's Guild, entertainment operators, stable users, volunteers, and any other park users.

COVID-19 Rules and Regulations for Traders:
The Alice Springs Show is a COVID-19 safe event. All staff, volunteers, traders, entertainers, stable users, competitors and park users must comply with the Alice Springs Show COVID plan and are responsible for the following:

  • Monitor the health of yourself and any members of your party. If you are unwell - STAY HOME!
  • Fill in boarder entry forms if applicable. 
  • Keep up to date with declared hot spots.
  • Quarantine if necessary (at your own expense).
  • Follow instructions from the CASS COVID Safety Supervisor.
  • Provide hand sanitiser for use by patrons.
  • Promote social distancing at the Alice Springs Show Event. 
  • Submit a COVID-19 NT Government plan and certificate to show@alice-springs.com.au 

Terms & Conditions for Traders:
The President or their representative reserves the right to refuse any application. The Alice Springs Show is a NO SMOKING event. Designated smoking areas are allocated. Penalties may apply for any non-compliance to the Tobacco Control Act.

  1. All Trade Space Exhibitors must report the Central Australian Show Society Inc. office at the Showgrounds on arrival to collect your Show Pack. Exhibitors are not permitted to occupy space allotted until 5 days before the event. Trade space is to be used solely for the purpose specified on application. Trade space site to be vacated no later than 11am Sunday following the Show. Exhibitors are required to keep and leave sites clean. 
    Blatherskite Park camping fees are applicable if you remain on site after Sunday 11am. Camping arrangements outside of this time can be made with Blatherskite Park Trustees. Ph: 0439 998 381.
  2. The Exhibitor or any party has no right to occupy, use or advertise the use of the site until the application has been approved in writing the Society. There are no perpetual sites allocated at the Show. Any requested location must be submitted to the Society. 
  3. Site preparation MUST be completed by 8:00pm on Thursday prior to the Show. Exhibitors not complying with this requirement forfeit their site.
  4. All exhibits must remain in operation from 9:00am to 5:30pm on Friday and Saturday. All exhibits close no later than 7:30pm. Pavilions will be locked from 5:30pm to 7:30am. Vehicle movement within the grounds is prohibited until 7:30pm. All trade space vehicles exit via gate 4. 
  5. Signage displayed by exhibitors must relate to the products which the Society was advised would be promoted. Any other signage promoting other products or services must have prior written approval from the Society or their representative.
  6. There is limited parking space on the grounds. All exhibitors must park in designated areas. Vehicles parked in unauthorised areas will be clamped or towed away and impounded. A fee of $200 will be required for the release of the vehicle. 
  7. The Society reserved the right to regulate the use of equipment on display sites which produce excessive noise and cause annoyance to other exhibitors and the public. No loudspeakers are to be used without permission of the Society. 
  8. No Exhibitors shall:
    (a)  Erect barriers to prevent uninterrupted passages of the public between exhibits.
    (b)  Erect display signs in such a manner to cause inconvenience to other exhibitors. 
    (c)  Pain or mark any Park property without the authority of the Society
    (d)  No barriers of any description are to be placed over or in front of any fire-fighting equipment or electrical control boxes.
  9. Exhibitors herby accept all responsibility for any damage or injury to any person, or persons property which may arise out of the use of any machinery, or idem used in connection with the exhibits. Exhibitors agree to carry out all activities within the requirements of Blatherskite Park and any Act or Parliament which may govern the erection or structures, displays, the sales of machinery and other products. The Society requires compliance with any ordinances or regulations made by any Government, semi-Government or local authority including the requirements of the Northern Territory Food Act.
  10. The exhibitor must keep policy of insurance indemnifying them against public liability in the sum of $2,000,000 for each incident and $10,000,000 for the Show. The Society reserves the right to inspect the policy of insurance at all times. A Certificate Of Currency must be provided to the Society on application. Public Liability Insurance must be current for the duration of the Show including set up and dismantle times. 
  11. No sub-letting will be permitted unless by special written permission from the Society. 
  12. Exhibitors and their employees/volunteers shall conduct themselves in a respectful manner and maintain a neat and clean appearance. 
  13. Plans and specifications of any temporary structure must first be approved by the Society in writing before building operations can commence. 
  14. If the Society finds it necessary to cancel or postpone the Event, this contract shall cease to operate upon notice, being served on the Exhibitors at the address provided to the Society and no compensation shall be payable to the exhibitor.
  15. CASS reserved the right to cancel applications and retain all money in connection therewith if there is any infringement of the foregoing conditions. 
  16. Alice Springs Show is a waste wise event. All general waste is to be removed from sites and places in bins allocated on and around the grounds. Bins are not to be taken to sites for personal use. Please use designated bins for cardboard and food oil. Other waste such as electrical equipment, white goods and chemicals must be disposed of responsibly at the Alice Springs Waste Management facility on Commonage Road, at the Exhibitors expense. Blatherskite Park is a public reserve and littering is an offense. 
  17. All exhibitors must have an approved fire extinguisher at the site at all times. The fire extinguisher must have a current and valid test tag within 6 months. 
  18. Any electrical equipment or gas appliances not listed on the application form must not be utilised. All power leads used on the Show Grounds must have a certified date of inspection tag and be recorded on a numbered register to be provided to the Society, or regulatory authority on request. All exhibitors using Show power of any description are required to provide and use residual current device (RCD). The Society has the right to remove any lead or junction box not in compliance. All traders must read and comply with the NT WorkSafe Guide. Click here.
  19. Any Electrical work for your trade space must be done by a NT licensed electrical contractor at your own expense.
  20. Power supply to the site is subject to any conditions laid down by Power and Water agency. The Society cannot guarantee power as it is subject to being supplies by the Power and Water agency. 
  21. Livestock Movements: Any identifiable livestock moving on or off the Show Grounds for the Show must have at a minimum, a NT Waybill, including livestock pets. Further information can be found at the NT Government website. Click here.
  22. All games of chance, and raffles for fund raising are strictly prohibited without written permission from the Society and must be carried out in accordance with the Gaming Control (Community Gaming) Northern Territory Regulations. 
  23. Busking, canvassing, or hawking in any portion of the grounds is prohibited under this contract. Breaking this condition gives the Society the power to cancel the application and remove offenders from the premises. 
  24. Showmen's Guild exclusive items are Dagwood Dogs (also called Pluto Pups, Sausage on a Stick), Fairy Floss, Waffles, Toffee Apples and Snow Cones. Sale of these items is strictly limited to members of the Showmen's Guild and only in the Showmen's Guild area. 
  25. Food Court: One site allocation will be permitted per company or entity in the Food Court area. All food stall operators must be registered to trade in the Northern Territory and hold a current Food Handler Permit to be displayed at all times. 
  26. Show Bags: No exhibitor will be permitted to sell Show Bags without the permission of the Society. Exhibitors selling Show Bags are to present a sample of each type of bag to the CASS Inc office by 12pm on the Wednesday before the event for inspection by NT Police and CASS Inc for compliance. It is the responsibility of all stallholders selling toys and Show Bags to make sure that any products sold to children are safe and do not contain any products that are banned in Australia. Click here.
  27. Banned Items: No article that creates nuisance, annoyance, is dangerous, or of offensive nature may be displayed, sold, or given as a prize. The supply of certain other products (e.g. illicit drugs, weapons, chemicals/substances, etc) are also banned. This includes any type of projectile gun. These and other products are listed on our website and are subject to mandatory standards and/or bans. 
  28. Please note any type of mask or bandana that obscures the face in part or full is banned. 
  29. Blatherskite Park is a glass free venue.
  30. Refund: Site bookings canceled prior to 1 June will receive a 75% refund. No refund will be given for bookings canceled on or after 1 June 2022. The Administration fee is non-refundable at any time. If cancellation is required for a medical reason, a signed medical certificate must be provided, for the refund less administration cost. Written notice of cancellation must be received by 1 June 2022. All refunds are at the discretion of the CASS committee.