Application for Outdoor Trade Space

2020 - Outdoor Trade Space
Business Details
Site Category
Preferred Trade Site
We take preferences into consideration, but they are NOT guaranteed.
Site Construction
Please list all construction for your trade site and dimensions

ie; Marquee, truck, trailer, caravan etc. (don’t forget to include length of tow hitch in the dimensions if applicable and rear access space if required).

Site Requirement

$80 per meter - Minimum of 3m.
All sites are a standard 5m deep
Minimum 3meters - Maximum 30meters
Additional Depth
All sites are a standard 5m deep
Additional Stakeholder Passes
2 Day Pass - $25.00 each
1 Day Pass - $15.00 each
Note: 2 Stallholder Passes are included with every application
$30.00 per night
Includes 1 powerpoint - 15amp
Yellow Brick Road
$450 dollars to participate in Yellow Brick Road.
Please see Yellow Brick Road Information below.
Compulsory Admin Fee
Applies to all sites.
Late Fee
A late fee of $75.00 will be charged for applications submitted after 1st June 2020
Total Site Fees

Electricity Requirements

$75 each
$150 each
Vehicle Power
Camping sites comes with 1 15AMP powerpoint
Total Electricity Fees
Grand Total
(Site Fees + Electricity Fees)

Gas & Power Use

Please list all electricity Devices and Gas Appliances to be used including the amount of power they require.
  • Terms and conditions for use of Power and Gas during the Alice Springs Show are outlined in number 18 of the Terms and Conditions for the show. All traders must read and comply with the NT WorkSafe Guide – Electrical equipment and gas installations at markets, shows and sporting events.
  • Please check power needs before booking your site as additional power may not be available if you have failed to adequately consider your needs.

Public Liability

Maximum upload size: 5MB
Insurance cover must be valid for the duration of the Show including any set-up and take-down time.

Marketing - Promoting Your Presence

Application Approval

  • I confirm I have read and accept all the information contained in the entirety of the Alice Springs Show Society Terms & Conditions for Trade Space at the Alice Springs Show
  • I confirm I have read and accept all the information contained in the entirety of the NT Worksafe Guide
  • I agree to abide by all the terms and conditions, guidelines and regulations contained herein.
  • I acknowledge this application only entitles me to a licence of the designated area for the duration of the event and the setting up and dismantling process.