Business Name Test Food Stall
ABN 00000
Trading Name Test Food Stall
Postal Address PO Box 2413
Products fans
Please indicate your preferred trade site (i.e. same as last year) same as last year
Type Marquee
Dimensions 4×4
No. of Meters Required – Frontage 4
Frontage – Total Amount 356.00
No. of Metres Required – Depth 5M
Depth – Total Amount 0.00
Would you like to be located in the Food Court Yes
Food Court Premium Charge – Total Amount 150.00
No. of Additional Stallholder Passes 1
Add. Stallholder Passes Total Amount 25.00
No. Additional Car Passes 2
Add. Car Passes Total Amount 10.00
No. Of Nights – Camping 0
+ Camping Total Amount 0.00
Would you like to participate in Yellow Brick Road Yes
Yellow Brick Road 450.00
Are you a member of the Showmens Guild? No
Admin Total Amount 75
Total Site Fees 616.00
No. Required – 15AMP 2
15AMP – Total Amount 120.00
No. Required – 32AMP 0
32AMP – Total Amount 0.00
No. Required – 15AMP Vehicle Power 0
15AMP Vehicle Power Total Amount 0.00
Total Electricity Fees 120.00
Grand Total 736.00
Device/Appliance One lights
Would you like information about advertising on our show map? No
Checkboxes By ticking this checkbox,
Your Name Test Entry
Your Position admin
Your eMail Address
Your Contact Number 0889521651
Date January 25, 2019