When is the drop off time for my entries?

Entry drop off and pick up times can be found here.

Can I bring my dog to the Show?

No, dogs are not permitted on the Showgrounds for the entirety of the Show event. The only exception to this rule is Service Dogs.

How do I enter competitions?

To enter competitions, please first create an account with the Alice Springs Show website, then click here to enter the class and categories.

Where can I get a copy of the Guide to Entries?

The Guide to Entries can be found online here. They are also being distributed around Alice Springs at some retail businesses.

Is there a Show Book?

This year a beautifully designed Guide to Entries will replace the classic Show Book. The Guide to Entries can be found here. Rules and regulations can be seen here. And Competition drop off and pick up times can be found here.

How do I register for Volunteering at the Show?

To register your interest in becoming a volunteer at the Show, please head to https://www.alice-springs.com.au/get-involved/volunteering

Show Open Hours?

Gates open to the public from 9am to 9.00pm, Friday and Saturday.

Exhibitors with a Gate 4 or Traders Pass, along with a wristband for entry, can access Gate 4 from 6:30am both days.

Pavilions open at 9am and close at 5pm, both Friday and Saturday.

Is there a Bus Schedule?

Click here for the Bus Schedule.

Please keep in mind that the buses will not always be perfectly on time however you shouldn’t be waiting more than 30 minutes.

Where do I go for Public parking or public entry?

The Public carpark is located in the field adjacent Blatherskite Park.

Enter Len Kittle Drive VIA Ilparpa Road and follow signs down to Gate 11 where car parking attendants will assist you.

When exiting the Public Car Park, exit VIA Gate 7 on to Commonage Road.

Public Entry Ticket boxes are located at the Southern End of the Field.

What do I do if I have found or lost a belonging?

Lost and found is located with the NT Police, Fire and Emergency Stall outside Rumball Hall.

Where is Disabled Parking?

Disabled parking is on the southern side of Rumball Hall. Enter via Gate 1 *Please note you must have your Disabled Car Parking Permit with the vehicle.

Where are lost or found children taken to?

Lost and found is located with the NT Police, Fire and Emergency Stall outside Rumball Hall. Please report missing children here and make sure your child knows where to go if they get lost. 

When do competition entries close?

Competition entries close on the Monday 20th of June 2022. Cattle & Equestrian Contact Steward for more information on late entries.

Where can I buy tickets for the show?

Save time and pre purchase your tickets online here. Tickets will also be available for purchase at the gate. Please Note: Family pass is only available online.

Where do I find information about Territory Day?

Information about Territory Day Celebrations at the Show can be found here

Will there be an ATM at the Show?

Yes, there will be 3 ATM's located next to the Food Court.